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Originally delivered on 5/4/2020 2:33 pm



Monday, May 4, 2020

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President's Message

Staff Appreciation

Long Range Planning Meeting

Secretaries' Report

Treasurer's Report

BOE Report

WHS PTO Board Members for 2020-21

Class Notes (including Senior News)


President's Message

Dear PTO Parents,

Thanks to all of the members who attended our ​first ever​ virtual PTO meeting this past Friday! The meeting was well attended and informative. Aside from our usual business, the highlights included:

  • The presentation and approval of the PTO slate for the 2020-21 school year;
  • An overview of the most recent BOE meeting as it related to the high school and the school budget;
  • Word about the PTO’s plans to show our appreciation to the teachers and staff at the high school, all 113 of them; and
  • A peek into some of the plans being considered for the end of year celebrations for the senior class.

If you missed the meeting, click the link below -2nT6aZ6

and use ​Password​ ​4p%V9M3+​ to watch the recording or scroll down for the written updates and overviews provided to you by the various board members and chairpeople in charge.

As announced previously, all Weston Memorial Day fundraisers and festivities have been cancelled this year. It was a decision that was not made lightly. The impact of this decision on our PTO is a financial one. Historically, this event raised on average $17,000 for the PTO to add to its philanthropy fund. We hope that you will consider supporting new and old fundraising efforts initiated by our PTO in the months to come to help make up this loss. If you have fundraising ideas or are interested in getting involved in any of our existing works, please reach out to me or any of our board members.

Enjoy what is turning out to be a beautiful month of May.

With warm regards,



Staff Appreciation

Dear Teachers and Staff,

The PTO and the Hospitality committee are so sorry that we will not be able to celebrate you all with an end of the year luncheon. It is truly one of our favorite events of the year and we will miss not being able to serve YOU ALL for a change.  Please know we are all grateful for your hard work and the time you put into teaching, mentoring, protecting, engaging and motivating our children. We really do appreciate every one that works at Weston High School! 

In the meantime we will keep our fingers crossed that there will be some kind of opening in the Fall and that we will be able to provide you with a luncheon at back to school. When you do return you will also find a gift card to Peter’s Market in your mailboxes. We know it is not the same but we wanted to do a small something for you this spring because we do appreciate you! 

~ The PTO and The Hospitality Committee


Long-Range Planning Meeting, Thursday, May 14th, 9 a.m.

You are invited to attend this year’s annual WHS PTO long-range planning meeting. The end of the school year is a great time to reflect on our organization and discuss improvements to the way we operate and serve our members and the high school community. The meeting will be held via ZOOM on Thursday, May 14th at 9:00 a.m.

Zoom instructions will be shared closer to the date via an email blast. If you are unable to attend, please consider emailing me your thoughts on what you think works or doesn’t work and suggestions on how we can change it for the better.

- Angela Zielinski,


Secretaries' Report

General Meeting Minutes:

The minutes from the March 6, 2020 were approved at our General Meeting this past Friday. Please click HERE to read.

Sharon Ferraro and Stephanie Young


Treasurer's Report

Opening Balance : February 1 $38,451, Closing Balance March 31 $38,928. Net income March YTD date -$4,869.
Income and expense activity were limited in February and March.  Test prep course income was less than expected due to cancellation of partial classes due to pandemic.
February and March financials were approved by the General Board Meeting on May 1st.
-Jen Fish-Meir, WHS PTO Treasurer

BOE Report

Click HERE to read the WHS PTO BOE Representative, Laura Schlossberg's report from the virtual April BOE meeting.

This report includes a detailed summary and a link to the recorded meeting.


WHS PTO Board Members for 2020-2021

On Friday, at our May general meeting, the nominating committee submitted its recommendation for the PTO Boards for the 2020-21 school year. The two Board slates were approved. Thank you again to the Nominating Committee members as well as to all of the amazing volunteers who have stepped up to lead our PTO next year. We could not continue to have such a strong PTO without such dedicated and qualified leaders. 

Executive Board 

President: Janet Hoffman

Vice President: Sharon Ferraro

Secretary: Ann Kyle

Treasurer: Jen Morse

Board of Education Representative: Kristina Esslinger

Communications Chairperson: Livia Berardinelli

Philanthropy Chairperson: Laura Schlossberg

Past President: Anne Troxell

General Board

12th Grade Class Representatives: Amy Cohen, Sandy Hart, Jodi Sacchetta, Angela Zielinski

11th Grade Class Representatives: Jennifer Atsumi, Kristen Brooks, Sam Leuzzi, Ali Melito

10th Grade Class Representatives: Janet Hoffman, Maggie Kins, Jennifer Socha, Maureen Weinbrum

9th Grade Class Reps (4 year): Christine Harris, Carlye Nussbaum

9th Grade Class Reps (1 year): Kristen Rinaldi, Jackie Spitzer

Bricks Fundraiser Chairperson: Open

Bylaws Chairperson: Shannon Nordlinger

College Test Prep Course Chairperson: Stephanie Morris

District Website Manager: Appointed

Election Day Bake Sale Chairperson: Kerrie Steel Rubin, Patricia Manea

Membership Chairperson: Patrica Manea

Memorial Day Road Race Chairperson: Open

New Family Liaisons: Ami Carpenter, Sarah Crawford

Online Bake Sale Chairperson: Julia Brennan

Publicity Chairperson: Christine Walder Ferreira

SPED Liaison: Leslie Morgan

Staff Appreciation Chairpersons: Rasha Dove, Michelle Hankin, Beth Lubliner

Webpage Manager: Christine Walder Ferreira


Class Notes


Class of 2020: A quick update on things we have in the works for our Seniors!

  • First and foremost, there is so much we still do not know! Gov. Lamont is set to say something regarding the schools in a week or so (likely before 5/20). That said, we are focused on what we CAN do to celebrate our Seniors!

  • REMINDER: Your Senior's "Senior Experience Choice/Application" is due Friday 5/8.

  • Prin. Wolak and the Class Advisors/Staff are working very hard to celebrate the Seniors. We are now working with them on a number of ideas.

  • Decision Day - you all should already be aware that in lieu of the traditional Decision Day outside the HS this morning, we are assembling a photo montage (pls see email from WHS 4/14 or yesterday).

  • We are happy to report that the WMS will still be holding their Graduation Balloon fundraiser including a Flock of Flamingos option (more to come at a later date).

  • We are still planning to assemble a Senior Class Picture Montage that is traditionally shown during PGE (which is sadly unlikely) - look for more on this in the near future.

  • Caps and Gowns - We are working with WHS on how we will distribute Caps and Gowns. It will likely be a scheduled pickup in front of the HS once they arrive mid-May. We may also do book drop off this day as well. Will make it as special as possible!

  • Yearbook distribution TBD.

  • While some may or may not find it funny (now), the school has purchased masks with a "W" on the front for both Seniors and Teachers.

  • In lieu of Prom/PGE, if/when group size restrictions are lifted, we will look to plan a party for the Seniors. It is something the Seniors have stated they really want - to celebrate together.

  • Graduation - Of course without Lamont's final word hard to state for sure what can be done. But be assured the school is working hard and planning for various options.

  • We have a few other ideas in the works to share/surprise at a later date.

Stay well and please reach out to any of us if you need anything, have ideas or have questions!
Class of 2020 Parent Reps,Kristana Esslinger, Rachel Golan, Susy Jones, Jennifer Goetz


Senior Fundraiser

Hope everyone is safe and well!  We were so excited for our game night at the Egan’s Barn, spending some time together and raising funds for our class.  While we are working diligently with the administration to make sure we celebrate our seniors, in the meantime, how about a fun online Texas Hold-Em Tournament?? 

When:  Saturday, May 16

Time:  8pm

Cost:  $25 per person, donated to the Class of 2020

PRIZES FOR 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners

Place: on a computer or download the app

Step 1:  Watch your email over the next few days for this same info and a registration link

Step 2: Go to or download the app for and set up an account.  The very first time you play the game you have to purchase the minimum amount of chips.  If you have never played poker, there is lots of time to go on the site, join tables and practice up before game night!

We will send out additional detailed instructions to all who register. 

Lastly, while we are only sending this to the Class of 2020 families, we are happy to have anyone from our community join in so feel free to share this info.

Rachel, Susy, Jenn & Kristana